2006 FIFA World Cup Germany: Full Circle

2006 FIFA World Cup GermanyAs stated above, to Benji, FIFA World Cups have always been a sort of dividing line 4 years away from the present. During the Football World Cup held in France in the year 1998, Benji had, fortunately, ceased to be a drug addict and had become, instead, a sort of vagrant. But it was always very clear to him that he was still a young vagrant, not an old vagrant. Old bums usually had a very long beard and smelled funny. Benji had no beard, because he could never really grow one and people always told him that, when he stopped shaving for months, he did not look like a bum, but like a Jew instead.

The last time Benji asked himself when he would ever grow up was in 2002, during the FIFA World Cup. And, again, he thought during the FIFA Germany World Cup, in 2006. “Fitting…” thought Benji. His first ever witnessed World Cup had been Germany 1974. It would be fitting that his childhood ended when a new World Cup take place in that same country. “Things would finally come full circle”, he thought.

In a way, in the eyes of 11 year old Benji, he would have surely had become, not a grown up, but a living mummy by now, lingering between life and death. However, Benji, being over 40 years old, still does not feel like a grown up but he is, however, starting to notice a few changes in his life. The difference this time is that, in between one of those World Cups, he became a father. “Perhaps, this time…” Benji thought. And suddenly, something incredible happened. The first time he was not thinking whether he would be a grown up the following World Cup, was during 2006 FIFA in Germany. Instead, he looked at his daughter and said “The next World Cup will be South Africa 2010. You might be a grown up by then!”

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