Broadcast Delay of Football Matches

Broadcast Delay of Football MatchesThe art of mastering BDFM (Broadcast Delay of Football Matches) is comparable to that of fortune tellers. They have already watched the complete game of your life live. And you get to see it in this delayed broadcast format, only serialized, and you ask the fortune teller for some tips. “Am I going to fare well in my marriage?” to which the fortune teller will answer not to miss the first half. When Andy was a kid, most matches were broadcast delayed and Roberto acted like a maniac. He turned off the radios, shut the blinds and did not answer the phone.

Once he even plugged his ears with cotton, because he did not want to hear the cars honking, which back then were great football commentators. Passion for football and sports might be the only thing that truly sets us apart from the other great apes. It is like an internal, secret, ruthless war. On one hand, we know that everything we do in life will be in vain. On the other hand, we are aware that we cannot live without doing anything. One of the biggest forces that move us, namely, passion (whether is passion for football or for other important things in life), is kept alive thanks to the constant, internal struggle between anxiety, restlessness and a need for safety that drives us.

Andy likes to believe that the greatest works of art of the twentieth century, like music, literature, contemporary dance, conceptual art, etc. emerged thanks to BDFM. In this rupture in the space time continuum, this black hole, this unusual, magical time capsule of 12 hours, in this eclipse of time and space, Andy’s life seems to stay very still, frozen, impervious. After that, his life will resume and his clock will once again be synchronized with the rest of the clocks in the world.

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