Football and Metaphysics

UEFA Euro CupFootball, even if ancient philosophers might strongly disagree on this, helps us to better understand the meaning of life. As such, seeing the UEFA Euro Cup matches delayed by a few hours is, perhaps, a subtle example of the expression “carpe diem”. Seize the day, the present time, the present hours as if they were the last. Live intensely, oblivious and blind to the results, to what may come, pretend as if that football match that took place, say 12 hours ago, is actually happening now, because you are watching it now, and not later, not before. Now! This is, in essence, metaphysics. Metaphysics is perfectly portrayed by the art of experiencing the world of football. Everything else is bullshit.

Japanese sports channels show the matches the morning after they take place. That is, between the initial whistle sound in, say, France, and the moment the match actually begins at home, Andy hides, turns off the cellphone, he does not read emails or the online newspaper for many hours. In other words, he will suspend reality for 12 hours, in order to believe, or make believe, that what he is seeing is “live”. Sometimes, it scares him to realize how easy it is to trick his very own mind. But that is just the way Andy is. “That is the way that everyone is, one way or another”, Andy attempts to reason.

“Broadcast Delay of Football Matches” should be an academic course and included as a part of the curriculum of careers in journalism in different universities around the world. Or, better yet, it should be offered by the department of philosophy in universities in every continent, because this practice portrays the texture and nature of human soul like no other. One half of the human being is gullible and generally hopeful (the soul), while the other half distrusts, isolates itself and always strives to find the truth (reason).

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