Football and the Path to Adulthood

Football and the Path to AdulthoodSo, ever since that moment, Benji, as many of his friends, began to measure time in World Cups. Although, his friends who would later choose to go on to college would measure time in semesters. “It’s boring”, they said to Benji, “yes, but you get a degree and a diploma”.

When it arrived and Benji was fifteen, he quickly realized that despite his childish predictions, he was still not old enough. He was just a wanker. So, while Maradona worked his magic, Benji, again, calculated and asserted “In the year 1990, when the FIFA World Cup takes place in Italy and, this time,” he said, this time completely convinced, “I will be 20 years old, and most definitely will be a grown up.”

But in 1990, rather than a grown up, Benji had become a drug addict. Being a junkie is, perhaps, on a higher step than being a wanker (in the social scale), but, for some strange reason, both activities usually take place behind closed doors. He also discovered, at that time, that those years when there is no World Cup are very long years, vegetative state like years. The Olympic Games, which as of 2016 are taking place right now in Brazil, are a kind of reminder not to fret, that you are halfway there, that the Football World Cup is around the corner.

Then came the 1994 FIFA World Cup in the US, and, for the most part, Benji still remained a drug addict, or so he thinks. He does not remember much from those years (he is inclined to believe that the massive blackout might be an indicator of his addiction). The point is that, to Benji, for some reason, becoming a grownup has always been a kind of football that keeps moving away from him at high speed, no matter how fast he runs.

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