The Misery of Football

The Misery of FootballWatching a game that has taken place several hours ago as if it were being played exactly at that moment is an act of unconditional love for us. Is it possible that the same person can cheat himself or herself and also buy into the lie at the same time? Despite all this, the Football UEFA Euro Cup (instead of making Andy a better person) has been driving him crazy.

“The worst part is when you have to work and have Skype meetings with people in Europe and they want to comment on or talk about the ongoing football match or the recent results.” That is when the psychological torture begins. “Please do not mention anything about today’s UEFA Euro Cup match” you say, fiddling nervously with your fingers in your office seat. I want to see it live. “But it has already been played. It’s all over the news”. “I do not care, shut up and let’s get to work”, you reply, being far more scared about spoilers than being labeled “the rude, manic guy from the Japanese office”. And seeing as you mean business, they make haste to reply: “Okay. We will not say a thing, but be sure not to miss the first half.”

“But to your insides, you are already insulting them.” Sometimes you just hate the Europeans that work for your company overseas. Japanese people would never do that. They sure know a great deal about code of honor and ancient philosophy, although most of Japanese philosophy came to be absorbed into their culture by means of Chinese culture and proverbs. The thing is that when you get all these little innocent details, it is still rather irritating, because you told them that you did not want to know anything at all, and you mean it. “Football can also make your life miserable sometimes” thinks Andy.

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